Monday, February 19, 2007

What a Slacker!

What a Slacker I am! No updates since December!

Well, I did catch up on the projects I had been working on in the meantime.

The St Vincents NICU knit-a-thon went well. They collected more money than expected and we did knit and crochet quite a few hats. The last hat total was 86. You can see the 9 hats I managed to finish for the project above.

I did finish and mail off the ONE red scarf that I did to the Orphan Project towards the end of January. One is of course better than NONE.

I may not have mentioned that a coworker liked the Preemie Project mock cable pattern infant hats so much that she had me make her a hat using that stitch pattern. Simple to adapt to adult sizing since I just had to figure out how many multiples of the 5 stitch pattern to do. Of course, when I finished her hat she liked it so much she wanted a matching scarf.

Here is the completed hat with the brim turned up:

Luckily someone in the Knit-a-thon project had converted the circular pattern to a straight pattern so I didn't have to figure that out. However it was a bit tough to get it made since she likes to fold her scarves in half and pull the end through. After starting the scarf I realized that to allow it to be long enough when pulled through I had to make the scarf REALLY long. The yarn and pattern made the scarf a little thicker and a little less flexible when shorter. I also could not switch between doing the pattern on circulars and the pattern stitch on straight needles. Because I would get the patterns messed up. That meant I had to finish the NICU hats before working on this scarf. Well I finally finished the scarf during our Christmas office holidays and the beginning of January. She loved the completed set.

Here is the scarf done except for the bind off and final weave in of the ends.

As for work for the Knitting group at work I have been very lax. We are trying to get alot of scarves done in more fall/winter colors so that the kids with Aids and their families have something to keep them warm and comfort them. I only managed to hand in one hat since I have been working on all the personal projects. I am not working on several scarves for them at the same time. Trying to alternate some colors to liven up the scarves. That means alot of weaving in which I hate so that does not help me make quick progress.

Here is the spiral hat I did turn in.

So I was a Slacker with this Blog but I wasn't completely being a Slacker.