Saturday, April 05, 2008

The Pending Office Move Saga

So my office is supposed to move on Tuesday 4/8. They gave me a choice of two office spaces both the same size but smaller than my current office. I informed them of my choice on 3/19 of the end office with a more flexible layout. Nothing was done with that information.

Those using that space were not informed to clear it out.
No furniture was arranged for me.
Needed info for the activation of my phone or desktop Pc connection was not obtained and given to the appropriate areas with the date needed to be determined.
Keys to the office and the outer area door were not made.

All of this was not started until this week and my office move is the pivotal first required move to allow the others to happen. My move could have been mostly completed by now if they had started some of the above the week after I made my decision. I would not have been as frantic and I should not be losing as many days of productive work. Did I mention that my project is the holdup on a big conversion scheduled for the end of May? So now I have to work even harder to make it. I have been recycling, packing, disposing and taking stuff home since Thursday.

I move, then the manager I work with moves from his office into mine to allow his furniture to be used for someone in another building and an Associate Director to move into his office. Of course my current office and the Manager's current office have to be painted before being moved into. These are in combination with staff moving from another building because the space they are using now must be vacated by a deadline date for renovation for classroom space or other usage.

My new office space is in a student lab area and I will have to go back up to my current office area to get printouts since there are no mainframe linked printers in the student lab and anything I print from my desktop would not be suitable for students to be able to see. Oh and everyone I need to work with is still upstairs in my old office area. If I have to cover my group's daily functions it will be worse since we get paperwork faxed to us which I would also have to go upstairs to get unless they get me a separate fax or fax modem card compatible with my current desktop.

Oh and what furniture did they order? Actually they didn't. I was supposed to move on Tuesday without a desk if I wasn't able to make use of the long table currently in that space. Well, they are ordering a two drawer lateral file cabinet and one small cabinet. Which won't arrive until after the move. I picked the office that had bracket shelving (I must have been psychic) so I can use that. One of my current cabinets is being moved down on Tuesday (which meant I have to empty it and the cabinet on the same floor has two different locked sections only one where the key is available.) So I can't move anything from the cabinet being moved into that one until I have the remaining key (hopefully on Monday). I have two narrow wooden bookcases that will be moved on Tuesday and my chair. Otherwise I would have been sitting on the floor surrounded by boxes with nothing to unpack into.

I am planning on going to the office tomorrow, Sunday, to bring more stuff home and perhaps move things from the pieces moving down into the ones that will remain.
To Be Continued...

My Cat and the Infection Saga

A few weeks ago, my cat had started to be off her normal eating habits so I managed to get a day to take her to the vet. Nothing hurt when the vet examined her but he immediately noticed that she had lost weight. We didn't get a chance to weigh her but he wanted an in-house blood series to check quickly and then the full lab results on blood and urine should tell a more complete picture. The in-house tests showed that she was dehydrated and the kidney indicators were high which could mean kidney problems. He thought it best for subcutaneous fluids and then antibiotics to give at home. The lab results would be in the next day.

Well the full lab results showed a high White Blood Cell count and there were White Blood cells in her urine. At minimum she had a bladder or urinary tract infection and those would also elevate the kidney indicators. However, he could not rule out kidney problems. The aim was to get the infection taken care of then re-test and see how the kidneys were doing without the infection placing a strain on them.

Well by halfway through the 20 days of Orbax antibiotics she was alot perkier and eating fairly well. She hadn't been withdrawn any more than was her usual and she had been interested in things before the antibiotic but she was now alot more lively.

After these were done and I brought her in for retesting I thought she was fine but the lab results still showed a high white blood cell count and high kidney indicators. Since the senior vet was on vacation the covering vet diagnosed kidney failure and continued infection. Another round of antibiotics, this time 7 days of Clavamox, a switch to the special prescription kidney diet and vitamins. She wouldn't touch the vitamin supplement although she seems to like the new food and was eating the antibiotic pretty well. When that round of antibiotics ended I called and spoke to the senior vet who was back from vacation. He wanted another round of the same Clavamox and was going to order the bacteria from the urine sample to be cultured to determine what it was and confirm that these antibiotics were the best for that type.

Well eating the prescription food did not last. She started to go off the food and then started to have what seemed to be hairball related vomiting. But then she had foam in her vomit. She had bad diarrhea one day and when she vomited it had alot of mucus. She acted like she was trying to clear her throat of mucus which was blocking her breathing. I took her into the vet again. Now he was extremely concerned that we hadn't eliminated the infection and concerned that I wasn't able to get the entire dose of antibiotics down her consistently. The strain that was cultured from her urine was a resistent one and nasty. He suggested medical boarding where they would administer medication throughout the stay and we could be sure she got full doses and any other medications necessary. That was Wednesday afternoon. I was to call the next day for full lab results. Those seemed better to some extent. Her White blood cell count was still high but he felt she did not have a systemic infection but one localized probably to the bladder or Urinary tract. Her kidney indicators were still high but did not get worse and a few were a little lower. So that was a good sign but we still could not be sure if her kidneys were okay or not.

Anyway, the poor stressed out baby is at the vets til at least Tuesday. I was able to bring her recent favorite bed, a Petco $9.99 one, and her refillable catnip mouse so at least something was there that was familiar and from home. Here she is on that bed in February:


I was able to visit her today and spent about an hour with her. She was stressed out and they had to wear the heavy gloves to avoid any injury from her even though they had a towel over her. It took awhile for her to stop growling and calm down. She finally started to purr and enjoyed being petted and getting her ears scratched. As the visit progressed she relaxed more and even gave me a few kisses on the face and groomed a little. She also stretched out and wanted a belly rub. It looks like she may have gained a little weight even though it has only been about 3 days. So that is a good sign. Here she is from today:

Of course when this happened on Wednesday I also found out that my office is being moved on Tuesday. Yet another Saga, *sigh*