Friday, August 29, 2008

Another Week of Vacation Blown

So, here I am off from work and it is Friday. I have yet to really do anything enjoyable with my days. I have been doing errands and periodically vegging out trying to recover from working that early Sunday morning and from the errands.

I did see the latest Mummy movie (Chinese "mummy") using a Movie Cash voucher so I paid about half price out of pocket. This one had it's moments but not as enjoyable as the previous two. But a nice working in of the clay warriors.

I finally had to go shopping for jeans since my current set is wearing away. So I decided to visit a craft store relatively nearby the mall and the "new" Trader Joes (food/green cleaning, etc.) store that had opened one stop beforehand on the bus. There is one near where I work that is always packed unless you are lucky and time it just right. I could check this one out and then use the walkway next to the highway to get to the Craft store. Well I made it to the Trader Joes, the first time I could move around without constantly running into someone or their cart. No lines at the cashiers and I couldn't buy anything since I needed the room for anything I picked up at the craft store. Plus I didn't want anything to spoil.
Another craft store chain had opened a store next door so I checked it out. Nothing I had to have. Picked up some school supplies on sale at the Staples next to that to send to the Indian Reservation. Then onto the walkway, the one in a more deserted area and smelled from what those who hung out there left behind. I did buy supplies at the craft store, got an iced coffee at Starbucks before waiting for the bus to take me back to the mall. I still had to get those jeans!

I did finally get several pairs of jeans that actually fit comfortably at a reasonable price. I even managed to squash them into the carry bags I had brought that were already fairly full and caught the bus home. But my legs, feet and back were worse for the wear.

That of course meant vegging out trying to recover the next day. Hopefully I will be able to do the other errands that must be done and perhaps take a quick trip to one of the zoos.

First is dropping off the sample to the vets office. Wish me luck!

August Cat Saga

I haven't had a chance to update with everything that has been going on.

Cat News:
I had to medically board her for 14 days just to make sure she got the medication and the full dose. So that was $$$. I wasn't sure if she could be discharged on the 14th day since the senior vet had been on vacation when I boarded her. I was not sure if there was anything else he wanted to do while she was there AND if she had gotten her last dose of the medication. So I left my cell phone number and was going to be called once they checked with the vet and the staff administering the meds.
I was running late for work and was just about to enter the subway station when they called and said she could be discharged and picked up anytime. Oh and they closed that day at 5pm. This was 11am. No way I could leave early enough to guarantee getting there before closing at this rate. I opted for picking her up right then and if she was okay I would go into the office otherwise work from home.

Once she was home all she did was roam around exploring everything and crying so loudly you would describe it as screaming.
When she finally settled down she would scream periodically just because. She wanted attention and would check that I was around so I couldn't leave her. I had to work from home. She finally started drinking some water later in the afternoon and picked at some food.

Even though we were trying to schedule and clarify the changes required for a high profile, high priority project to go live that weekend, that we had, of course, just gotten. I could not go in the next day either. She was still too unstable AND a physical therapist was coming to evaluate my Mom and hopefully incorporate officially some things we have been doing for years. Without the official okay the health aide is not allowed to set up or assist her with these. Which meant to me that she would get worse since these were things she was willing to do in the apartment when she often refused or only partly did the official routines.

It has been a couple of weeks now and time for another test to check if the infection the cat has had is still there. I went yesterday to check on the office schedule and exactly what was needed. Turned out a normal urinalysis so no requirement for sterile samples. They gave me supplies to attempt to obtain a sample at home which amazingly I was able to do last night. I can only hope that this has finally been beaten.