Friday, January 25, 2008

Breaking the Silence

I know it has been a LONG time since I posted. Things have been obviously hectic and I somehow never got around to posting.

The Holidays were okay but sadly we lost a coworker who had been battling ovarian cancer for the last couple of years. We were frantically trying to contact those at the company who would have wanted to attend a viewing during the winter break. Most were out of town so only a few made it. I was not able to but managed to get a Mass Card which was taken to the family by someone who was able to go. She had worked over 40 years at our company and will be sorely missed.

Of course, during the holidays I was still unable to catch up on personal projects. Since we got back I have been unable to fully catch up on work projects either. I did finally manage to upgrade two of the software products and they are currently being used. Whew!

I am currently working on the next product which I can more readily test once it is ready for testing. Then it will be onto the last most intensive product. The deadline has been moved again and I have a little more time.

In the meantime I have once again foolishly joined several lace knit a longs when I never finished any of the previous ones!

I joined Secret Of the Stole II (SOTSII) which started last Friday with Clue 1. I didn't ever do the swatch but I did manage to finish Clue 1 the other day!
Just in time for the next clue!

I also joined Dem Fischer sin Fru which started today. Yikes

Yesterday was not a fun day. I had an afternoon meeting in a building blocks away from my office that I had to leave from to get to my doctor's appointment uptown.
I managed to get there and should have known something was wrong when the waiting room was almost empty. Turns out my doctor was called away to an emergency and the office staff had called my home to let me know. I had no message on my work voice mail or either of my cell phones. When I got home I did see a message written by Mom's health aide to call my doctor to reschedule. GRRRRRR!!!
I have a new appointment for next Thursday.

Today I get to find out the Dental treatment plan to resolve some issues with my gums. That will not be fun. I am sure it will be expensive and it is freezing here. I get to walk across and downtown after sundown to get there. *sigh*

Monday will also be fun. I have to leave as soon as Mom's aide gets here to try and attend a meeting and leave that before the end to get to an appointment blocks away.
Let's home I make it!

Here's to being on track for at least one Knit-A-Long!