Thursday, October 18, 2007

Secret Of The Stole - Clue 1 Finished!

I was able to finish the last group of rows of Clue 1 last night.
Still had to redo a couple of rows but I finally finished it.

Here it is:


Color is not quite right. The yarn is lilac Zephyr.

I also started Clue 2 but only was able to do a couple of rows.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Slow Going

I got stuck at a specific row on clue 1 for The Secret Stole. I would think I had it correct with the correct number of stitches and put it aside to work on when I was more awake. When I came back to it I would discover that I was still off! I redid at least 6 rows and 4 of those twice but I have it corrected now. So hopefully I will be able to start on clue 2 soon. Will it be in time for a pic to be posted by Friday to be in the drawing for the prize? Time will tell.

I have been so busy at work that when I get home I am too tired to work on any of these projects without messing them up as you can see from the above. As soon as I get home I start dinner and feed the cat. If I am lucky the cat has not christened any of the carpets or my bed while getting rid of any hairballs. I never get a chance to eat my dinner as soon as I give Mom hers. Usually as I finally sort of relax to eat, Mom appears to let me know that she couldn't finish everything and she is done. Often she is carrying her plate instead of leaving it on the table for me to take when I am ready. Just another little stress creating thing.

On a more upbeat note, the weather was a little like Fall but had warmed up the other day when I went out to get lunch. Then I had another encounter with the concert venue Cat! She/He was sitting outside in a patch of shade. When I saw her and talked to her she got up to get a scratch. She seemed to hint that she wanted to get back inside so I buzzed, opened the door and let the desk staff know that I was just letting the cat back in. Of course as I said that, the cat was being reluctant to move her butt inside and needed me to give her a little push. Once in she stayed at the door and turned facing me. She was either changing her mind and wanted out again or wanted more attention. Neither which worked for me so I shut the door as I was saying "goodbye and be good". What a character.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Lace Knit-A-Longs

So, I never finished clue 1 for Chrysopolis when clue 2 for Chysopolis and clue 1 for the Secret Stole was posted last Friday. At this point I am on row 63 for Clue 1 for Secret Stole and have not worked on Chrysopolis since last week.

Tomorrow both will post new clues! Clue 3 for Chrysopolis and Clue 2 for Secret Stole. Of course, Secret Stole does have some prizes for being on track so I guess I will need to try to keep more on track with that Knit-A-Long.

No time to work on them and I am way too tired when I get home after work. I already am off by one stitch on Secret Stole. I need to figure that out. When I tried I didn't "solve" the problem. I was afraid I was going to make it worse so I stopped.
Hopefully tonight I can get it fixed.

Oh and did I mention I am in the middle (waiting approval) of joining a Halloween themed lace project Knit-a-Long?

I didn't? Wonder why....

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Chrysopolis Clue 1

Well Clue 1 for this lace knitalong was posted on Friday. I was home because they scheduled Mom's health aide for a yearly physical at 9am when she would normally be here. No idea of when she would arrive afterwards so I took the day off. She actually got here about 11am.

I didn't get a chance to really work on it until late Friday. I had a hard time casting on loosely enough only to screw up the pattern a few rows along and had to start over.

During the time I was able to work on it over the weekend I finally got a method down that works most of the time. I discarded the written instructions for the pattern in favor of the chart. I would just get too lost in the instructions on where I was in the sequence in a row.

My method now is to have highlighted the column that represents every 10th stitch for the entire chart. Then I have removable highlight tape that I use for the row I am on. Then to keep track of where I am in the row I have the chart on a magnetic board with a magnet strip placed so the left edge is at the beginning of the set of 10 stitches I am working on. I try to check my 10 stitches and only if okay move everything to the next group. I am also placing stitch markers every 10 stitches when I can to make it easier to check where I am and how many stitches there are in case I dropped any. Which I have done. The other thing I am trying to do is to run a lifeline every once in awhile and mark where I placed it in the pattern. That way if I drop stitches or otherwise messed up I can rip back to the lifeline where it is easy to place the entire row of stitches onto the needles again.

As you may know, a lifeline is when you put spare yarn or crochet thread onto a tapestry needle and pass it through the stitches on your needle before continuing onto the next row. The yarn or thread hangs for a few inches on either side of the knitting. Easy to remove when no longer needed but there to safeguard a correct row of your pattern in case you have to rip out above it.

Anyway, I am not far in the pattern *sniff* but I am plugging away when I can.

Of course the next lace knitalong starts tomorrow! Secret of the Stole.
I belong to MeetUp and our knitting group has a Meet Up event at the IBM building atrium on Saturday at 1pm to knit together the first clue of Secret of the Stole.
I am trying to get there. One pm should be okay. I get Mom set up for the day and hop on the subway, which hopefully is going into the city on the normal route. I can get close to the location by subway or take one of the buses instead that goes fairly close to it.

Wish me luck!