Thursday, October 11, 2007

Lace Knit-A-Longs

So, I never finished clue 1 for Chrysopolis when clue 2 for Chysopolis and clue 1 for the Secret Stole was posted last Friday. At this point I am on row 63 for Clue 1 for Secret Stole and have not worked on Chrysopolis since last week.

Tomorrow both will post new clues! Clue 3 for Chrysopolis and Clue 2 for Secret Stole. Of course, Secret Stole does have some prizes for being on track so I guess I will need to try to keep more on track with that Knit-A-Long.

No time to work on them and I am way too tired when I get home after work. I already am off by one stitch on Secret Stole. I need to figure that out. When I tried I didn't "solve" the problem. I was afraid I was going to make it worse so I stopped.
Hopefully tonight I can get it fixed.

Oh and did I mention I am in the middle (waiting approval) of joining a Halloween themed lace project Knit-a-Long?

I didn't? Wonder why....

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