Thursday, October 04, 2007

Chrysopolis Clue 1

Well Clue 1 for this lace knitalong was posted on Friday. I was home because they scheduled Mom's health aide for a yearly physical at 9am when she would normally be here. No idea of when she would arrive afterwards so I took the day off. She actually got here about 11am.

I didn't get a chance to really work on it until late Friday. I had a hard time casting on loosely enough only to screw up the pattern a few rows along and had to start over.

During the time I was able to work on it over the weekend I finally got a method down that works most of the time. I discarded the written instructions for the pattern in favor of the chart. I would just get too lost in the instructions on where I was in the sequence in a row.

My method now is to have highlighted the column that represents every 10th stitch for the entire chart. Then I have removable highlight tape that I use for the row I am on. Then to keep track of where I am in the row I have the chart on a magnetic board with a magnet strip placed so the left edge is at the beginning of the set of 10 stitches I am working on. I try to check my 10 stitches and only if okay move everything to the next group. I am also placing stitch markers every 10 stitches when I can to make it easier to check where I am and how many stitches there are in case I dropped any. Which I have done. The other thing I am trying to do is to run a lifeline every once in awhile and mark where I placed it in the pattern. That way if I drop stitches or otherwise messed up I can rip back to the lifeline where it is easy to place the entire row of stitches onto the needles again.

As you may know, a lifeline is when you put spare yarn or crochet thread onto a tapestry needle and pass it through the stitches on your needle before continuing onto the next row. The yarn or thread hangs for a few inches on either side of the knitting. Easy to remove when no longer needed but there to safeguard a correct row of your pattern in case you have to rip out above it.

Anyway, I am not far in the pattern *sniff* but I am plugging away when I can.

Of course the next lace knitalong starts tomorrow! Secret of the Stole.
I belong to MeetUp and our knitting group has a Meet Up event at the IBM building atrium on Saturday at 1pm to knit together the first clue of Secret of the Stole.
I am trying to get there. One pm should be okay. I get Mom set up for the day and hop on the subway, which hopefully is going into the city on the normal route. I can get close to the location by subway or take one of the buses instead that goes fairly close to it.

Wish me luck!

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