Monday, June 18, 2007

Dulaan Project Mailed!

Well, a coworker crocheted two scarves for the Dulaan Project and I managed to get some hats done. I packaged the two Mother Bear dolls that I never sent to that Project (because I was planning on making more), the two scarves, 5 children sized hats and one adult hat. Here is a pic of the group:
That went out this past week. The new postal rates and rules made the under 3 pounds package cost almost $11 to send to Arizona.

I also made a contribution on the fireproject web site to help with shipping costs and used the envelope containing the packing slip the mailto address label. I also used the automated center at my local post office.

Since I didn't join the project until relatively recently there aren't alot of items completed for it but at least it is something. Hopefully this project will continue and throughout the year I can be making items. I only used very basic patterns which I hope will fit some children. Since I don't have any children available to try out the items it is hard for me to be sure they will be okay. The adult hat pattern turned out to be alot bigger than I expected. I hope someone can use it!

It should be delivered this week with plenty of time before the deadline and will hopefully make it to Mongolia!

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