Wednesday, August 08, 2007

What a Storm!

I woke to a huge crack of thunder above my building this morning. It was pouring rain and alot of lightning and thunder. I expected that Mom's health aide would have a major problem getting here and who knows what my commute would be like!

Well sure enough, my Mom's health aide called and didn't think she would be able to make it since none of the subway lines near her were running due to flooding in the tracks. She had been trying to contact her office to let them know and the line was just ringing busy. What a mess! They were stating which lines were having problems and it definitely started to be more like which lines were running at all.

With the bridge collapsing in Minneapolis recently still on everyone's mind I knew that Mom would be worrying about everything. If I went into the office it would stress her out completely. So I opted for the working from home option and let everyone know. I managed to get quite a bit done from home today despite the cat screaming for attention and the extremely steamy weather once the rain stopped.

I will find out all the horror stories when I get into the office. Of course I still haven't reached my doctor to find out how he felt my blood test results were and if we need to adjust my medication.

The news stated tonight that there was a Tornado that affected Brooklyn this morning. Trees down, and some of the houses lost their roofs! Wow! I believe they said it was an F2 tornado!

Let's hope it stays calmer for awhile.

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