Friday, August 11, 2006

Cables Anyone?

Found two Cable Knitting Knit-A-Longs on Blogger.
One is the Conquering Cables Blog :
Which is doing the Irish Hiking Scarf as a first project.

The second is The Irish Hiking Scarf Knitalong - A KAL that never ends

The scarf pattern is pretty and seems simple enough. As many have
said, "Just Do It!".
When you are inexperienced in a technique it seems fairly daunting
when you look at what is created. Sometimes the instructions also
seem a bit daunting as well. But once you pick up your needles, cast
on and try it, it usually works itself out with time and effort.

Anyway, I started this scarf using regular old acrylic worsted weight
yarn and size 8 needles and using the wooden cable needles I got from
I will post a pic soon. It looks okay even though my tension is not
always even. :-)

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