Saturday, August 12, 2006

Joined Conquering Cables Knit Along

I joined the Conquering Cables KAL (link to that blog on the side).
Here is my post on that blog on my progress:

I started this on Thursday after discovering the KAL and the pattern. The only worsted weight yarn I had at hand was Red Heart Super Saver acrylic. Using size 8 bamboo needles and a straight cable needle from Knit Pics.

I was home for the day and spent some of my knitting time watching Season 1 episodes of NCIS on dvd. (David McCallum as Ducky the doctor in charge of autopsies still looks good after all these years - loved him in Man From Uncle.)
My tension still causes me some problems as you can see in the images of this effort. I also have noticed that the last stitch on the cable needle gets stretched a bit when I knit it off the cable needle. I can't figure out how to reduce that and how to "fix" it afterwards. Probably just me and inexperience.
Anyway, I hope to get some nicer yarn to make another Irish Hiking Scarf in the future. This one is about 17 inches at the moment. I especially like the edging that the pattern has us doing. Looks nice.

Cables definitely look alot more complicated than they are. But they are cool. This one is a versy simple cable with them always going in one direction.
I might try to get some slightly better yarn today.

The weather is surprisingly "Spring like" with temps in the 70's with a nice breeze.
Good day for running around and waiting for buses.

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