Sunday, August 13, 2006

Resistance is Futile

A.C.Moore crafts store was having a sale on Lionbrand Wool. I figured I might as well take a look and see if it would be a better yarn to use for the Irish Hiking Scarf. It felt alot better than what I was working with at the moment (what a surprise).

Needless to say, I found other yarns for other projects and other supplies. My challenge is fitting everything in my bags and carrying it all onto crowded buses. I usually manage okay.

I got home and after dinner I couldn't help but try out the Irish Hiking Scarf pattern with one of the wool yarns I had gotten. Much better. Softer and less stiff. Here is what I did last night (watched more NCIS episodes and stayed up way too late). So I managed to knit about 7 inches. I did increase the width by adding another set of cables so there are 4 instead of the original 3.

I seem to have less looseness in the third stitch off the cable needle. Tension is still not consistently even. More practice!
I do need to finish the original scarf but I definitely like the wool scarf better.

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