Tuesday, August 15, 2006

First Irish Scarf Progress

Well I am now at about 31 inches in length and still using the first skein of yarn.

The device attached to the closeup pic is a simple row counter. Not perfected. It does not prevent beads from moving onto or off the inner counting ring. The pattern is 8 rows ending with the cable row. So when taking it with me and working on it while commuting I try to complete the 8 rows or know that the next row is to be the cable row. I can't count the rows correctly from end of one pattern group to another.

I am home today since the Dental Deep Cleaning on the right side of my mouth was pretty intense yesterday. My mouth was sore and I was so uncomfortable I had trouble sleeping and felt pretty bad this morning. I slept for most of the day and awoke to hearing construction going on in the next apartment. Looks like they did a good job of cleaning the hallway when they finished for the day. I just hope the noise is not too bad while they continue.

I just joined the second blog doing a KAL for the same Irish Hiking Scarf. Pretty cool.

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