Monday, August 21, 2006

Nothing is Ever Easy

I had decided to try and start a simple scarf for the Think Pink - Breast Cancer project :

AC Moore had a sale on Red Heart Soft acrylic yarn and it does seem very soft. I thought it might be soothing and the pink was very nice.

I didn't like any of the scarf patterns I had seen and decided to look at the stitch patterns in some of the books I have and try to find something interesting but not too complex to use. I really liked this moss stitch and stockinette stitch box pattern and tried it. Looks pretty nice. The pattern consists of 20 rows so that is a bit daunting to keep track of. Definitely need a counter of some kind.

Of course as medium weight yarn it needed size 8 needles. At this point I have several projects going on at the same time so I did not have any spare needles.
I had picked up a set of size 8 KNITLITE needles to try. These are the plastic needles with the lighted tips that help you knit was the light is dim. These are long but I cast on and tried them out. They are nice but I haven't had a chance to really try out the lighted tips. However since they are long it is not easy to take them with me.

I had to take my mom to a doctor's appointment and I packed all the items to keep mom busy and entertained while waiting but I did not take the knitting since I was a little afraid of breaking the needles with everything else I was carrying. So what happens? Doctor took 15 minutes to examine mom and ask her about things. He suggested doing a procedure he does once a year to test her but she opted to do it the next time we see him. I call the car service for a return trip and wait for a call back on the car assigned, etc. And wait, and wait. No knitting with me to keep me calmer and doing something useful.

I call back in 45 minutes and the problem is that no cars are responding to the broadcasted assignment, and not too many cars are working that day (a Sunday). Anyway, you can guess that I would wait, call back and wait again several times. I would have called another car service but this is paid for by her managed care plan, if I had called another car service I would have to pay out of pocket and not get reimbursed.
*sigh* I checked my wallet and I had enough to pay a car if necessary. We were now at almost 3 hours waiting. I called again using my cell phone out in the hall and as I was on hold for the dispatcher, the doctor's office assistant came out and told me that they had just called with a car number to arrive in 8 minutes.

Nothing is ever Easy.

Meanwhile I needed to be home to clean up and organize my bedroom since we had received a notice from the building management that bed bugs have been found in several apartments and the exterminators would be visiting to check the apartments in my line of the building. The notice was left on Friday for a Monday morning visit. Typical.

Of course I also had alot of the other errands I had to do for the house that I did not finish on Saturday.

This is Monday and I am waiting. I managed to clean up my bedroom quite a bit (still needs work) but everything that they need to do can be done now. I made room. :-)

I am tired and have tons of work waiting for me at my job. I called in and let them know that I will probably not be in til the afternoon. Just more to do in less time.

Nothing is Ever Easy.

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Dragonarc said...

The exterminator finally arrived about 12:30pm for the bed bug inspection. I had to pull up the sheets at the corners of each mattress. He took a flashlight and examined the mattresses and pronounced us as bed bug free. Turns out that none of the apartments in my line or the next had reported bed bugs (which are in my complex. This was just a proactive inspection. Whew!