Thursday, August 24, 2006

What A Week .. So Far

This has not been my week. It started with Sunday waiting 3 hours for a car to take my Mom and myself back to Queens from Chinatown and her doctor's appointment. Monday was not much better. There were accidents at home that delayed me from leaving for work. Then the trains were worse than normal.
Tuesday I had alot of "fun" at work. When I arrived home after having trouble with the subway, I found that my cat had barfed on the living room carpet (again).
Wednesday was confusion day. Confusion at the office and then Mom confusion. She had got it in her head that we were having beef hamburgers for dinner and that the aide had put them back up into the freezer. Since she did not see them in the fridge. Probably because we were having turkey burgers that were in a zip bag that was "hiding" in that fridge. So Mom decided to help by taking the package of beef hamburgers out of the freezer and leaving it out to thaw on the kitchen counter. These miraculously completely thawed out and were warm in the hour it took me to arrive home. Needlesss to say those went into the garbage.
That night my knitting was all screwed up too. I had messed up a scarf I am trying to knit for a breast cancer drive when I was commuting. I had also attempted to cast on for a blanket I am making for a friend. I kept losing count or messing up the cast on or had a problem when attempting the first pattern row. Needless to say that got ripped out several times. I have now cast on and I am leaving it alone until I can practice the pattern on something else.

This morning I realized why there were puffs of cat hair on my carpet even though we have been vacuuming. The roller must be clogged. With Mom, myself and the cat you can imagine there might be quite alot of hair flying around. When I looked at the vacuum cleaner roller it was pathetic! There was hardly any part of the brushes still protuding. It took me quite awhile to remove all the hair and put the vacuum back together.

I hope to fix the mistakes I made on the charity scarf so I have something to keep me calmer on the commute.

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