Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Amigurumi Bug

Okay, so I have alot of outstanding projects in progress. Otherwise known as UFOs (UnFinished Objects?)

But I got bit by the amigurumi bug - those crocheted stuffed animal toys that have been a craze in Japan and became a craze over here. There are some really cool ones that people have designed and some pretty strange ones too.

A search of "Amigurumi pattern" or something like that on Google or on Blog hosts or ETSY.COM show quite alot. There are alot of photos on FLICKR.
unstuffeddrag1 stuffeddrag1
Anyway, I started making my first one. I chose a dragon pattern. The smaller image is of the parts I have made so far. The back with tail attached partially to the breastplate, at the top is the two halves of the head and at the sides of the body are the two arms. In the second pic is the body stuffed with fiberfill. I obviously needed to use a smaller hook or needed to make the single crochets tighter since you can see the stuffing in the tail. *sigh*

Not horrible so far as a first attempt.

I do find it extremely hard to keep track of the repeats in the pattern, since I am new to crocheting and loose my spot easily. Then since some of this is in rounds I don't always know how to tell what round I am on.

I am sure if I do this pattern again I will be better at it. (said with crossed fingers).

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