Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Never Enough Time

This was Labor Day weekend here in the U.S.A. so we had the Monday off from work. Unfortunately we also had part of a tropical storm hit my area. I had thought that Saturday's weather was going to bad all day so I decided to do some knitting and crocheting at home. This put off any errands of course for later in the weekend.

I was trying to make a knitted pattern for a small drawstring bag that I could attempt to felt. I had picked up some discounted 100 % wool yarn to try before leaving Manhattan on Friday just for this.

I also made some of the pieces of the amigurumi dragon in my last post.

When Sunday arrived the weather was expected to be alot worse than Saturday had been. Bad choice of errand days. I had to do my errands as quickly as possible and the most critical ones first. I tired myself out and still had alot still to get done.

In contrast, Monday arrived with cleared skies and some sun! I did my house hold errands and met a friend for a trip to a craft store for supplies. She picked up a pattern booklet and I had two bags full of yarn and stuffing for prospective amigurumi. We treated ourselves to a stop at Starbucks for refreshments before traveling back.

I arrived home only to face a laundry bag and preparations for dinner. I went off to do the laundry and discovered later that I had missed another bag of laundry in my bedroom. So of course it looks like I did nothing.

This morning I dosed the bathroom sink drain with clog remover and it is running a bit better. But I still have a list of undone items to tackle yet another day.

Ever notice that no matter how long the weekend is, there is never enough time?

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