Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Woo Hoo New Cellphone

Caved in and ordered a new phone. Not a chocolate or Razr phone. An LG CU500 black flip phone with rotating camera. I was converting fully over from AT&T to Cingular Wireless. I had checked after ATT Wireless became Cingular if the plans had changed or if there was a conversion but saw nothing. Never noticed any messages on the billing statements either. So I forgot about it.

This month is my 2 year anniversary of the plan I was on so I checked to see what was available. The company I work for does have a discount agreement with Cingular so I checked those out. Not too bad and there was a selection to convert from ATT to Cingular for former customers. Go figure!

Fed Ex found my building this time and the phone arrived before I left for work yesterday. I did not get a chance to look everything over since I was already late. I should have since I had to charge the battery for 8 hours. I had a meeting and a departmental party to attend that evening so I did not get home until late.
I charged the battery and it actually was fully charged in a few hours. So I played with setting it up. I could not tell if it had activated so I figured I would wait until this morning. Of course I forgot that my old phone was still on. But the new phone did not activate. Not too unexpected since I was converting my service.

Very nice customer service woman got my phone activated and confirmed my plan selections. Oddly the multimedia option I had selected did not show up so she added it. She tested calling the phone and all was well after a couple of tries. So I hung up and blithely thought all was working. Until I tried to access my voicemail and it rang busy. Calling my personal cell did not go to voice mail just the message that the person being called was not available. Oh no, another call to Customer Service.

Somehow this basic service was not connected so after a couple of tries it finally was working and I could access the initial setup of the voicemail box. Ta Dah!

I took a pic of my cat lounging on the bed and made it the wallpaper on the external display. It is her imitation of a dog - on her back with her legs spread out.

The memory card that I had ordered was delivered by UPS but left with my downstairs neighbor. Now the hard part, finding them at home and getting it. *sigh*
Of course I also need to get a USB cable from Cingular to really use the card for music or anything. Maybe I can get one today or order one.

And I have a slight headache from the party last night.

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