Saturday, September 23, 2006

Mixed Happenings

Went to a funeral home on Saturday to show support for the co-worker whose father had just passed. The first traditional Chinese one I have attended in years.

Discovered that the doctor I need to take my Mom to is in between office locations.

Visited the street I had grown up on and boy has it changed!
Trendy shops, cafes, and storefront portions of the apartment buildings renovated. I am sure that the apartments are about the same but the landlords are getting premium high rents for the same lack of services. Go figure!

Sunday was the KNIT OUT in Union Square Park in Manhattan.
I had promised to help with the Warm-UP America areas. It was a hot day with some shade over the area where volunteers were joining squares to make the blankets. We finished about 5:30pm with the cleanup and my friend gave me a ride to Queens. Needless to say the quick ride became alot longer than if I had taken the train. Ah Well!

Monday my Mom got a touch of a stomach virus. I ate the same things and was fine. I checked with her nurse who had recommended the caution of contacting her doctor. Since we had not seen him in awhile I know he would automatically want to see her. However, I was scheduled for a medical appointment that I could not reschedule. Since Mom's health aide was with her for the day and Mom was feeling a little better I figured I would check after my test. She was feeling alot better just tired. I got some sports drinks for her which she had that night and if she was not feeling alot better by the morning I was going to take her to the doctor. Did not seem an emergency situation. In the morning she was pretty much recovered but we gave her more sports drinks to help recover the electrolytes she had lost and continue to rehydrate.

Thursday I had dental gum surgery scheduled. While in the waiting room I finished the Pink Scarf for the Breast Cancer charity drive (see the link on the left side of the page). This dental work was intense both on work done and to my pocketbook. I was on a pulse monitor with drip anesthesia and out like a light for the procedures.

My dentist told me to stay home on Friday and rest. I did but was not able to rest as much as I had wished. My Mom's nurse came for her monthly check that morning. After that later in the morning my Mom's health aide got an emergency call that her daughter was ill and she had to leave a little after noon to go pick her up.
But at least she had assisted Mom with what she normally does on Fridays and changed her bed linens. So I just needed to check on her periodically and give her some tea.

This morning was another adventure. Mom had an upset stomach which meant more cleanup. To top it off I still look like a chimp with this swollen front of my mouth. My mouth is sore but I am not really in pain. I just wished I would stop looking like a chimp!

A mixed bag week.

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