Thursday, November 09, 2006

About Time... About Space...

Well I finally have recovered from that horrendous cold. I had to resort to getting a prescription for an antibiotic from my doctor since I had a lingering sinus infection. It worked and knocked it out of my system.

At the tail end of my first week sick I had gotten some energy back so I decided to use the crochet pattern for a hooded baby blanket that I knitted before. Since I am not an experienced crochet person I managed to reduce the width of the blanket as I worked on it. It had started out at 28 inches and when I noticed what I had done it was at 25 inches. I drove myself crazy since I did not want to "waste" the time that I had already spent on it. I finally wisely decided to put that one aside and start a new one with a new skein of that yarn. I have done about 12 inches and so far I have not made the same mistakes.

The Knit-Out for St Vincent's NICU and the Little Missionaries Day Care Center started on November 1st. I am not participating as designed with sponsors. I am knitting things to donate as part of the drive. So far I managed to make a couple of hats using double pointed needles and a mock cable pattern that the organizer had mentioned from the Preemie Project. Here is one in dark pink about 5 inches tall.
dark pink mock cable baby hat

And another one in blue:
blue mock cable baby hat

They are having a working session at the Day Care Center next Tuesday night that I hope I can attend for at least part of. Would be nice to meet more people.

Hope to have the time, never enough time. Have to take cat to vet for a midyear check since she is a senior. I have to see my doctor and take Mom to her doctor for end of the year check and new prescriptions, should also be taking her for a mammogram and bone density test, need to bring her to ear doctor for another cleaning since her hearing is getting worse again, need to research replacement stoves, need to get my bedroom window leak fixed... just not enough time,

I have things to put into storage. I have a little room in the small unit I have in my complex but I need to also go through the big storage room I have at one of the storage places to make room for some of the things I have in the partment. A big job.
Never enough space.

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