Friday, October 27, 2006

Wouldn't Ya Know?

Needless to say a lot of stuff has happened since my last post!

On the Good News Front - the newer hats for my friend's baby girl do fit her and they are coming in useful, I managed to send off 2 pink scarves to the Think Pink Project drive in time, I was able to send a box of Halloween cheer to a fellow Universal Monster fan stationed overseas, I got a free flu shot at work, I met a couple of my old high school classmates last Saturday for a catchup session (it's been about 30 years or more), I managed to send some of the TV show episodes from last season that I had taped for a friend overseas to him in time for his birthday, they are shampooing the carpet in my office tonight (hopefully the stain from spilled ginger ale will come out), Oh and today is my birthday.

On the other hand - I came down with a sore throat right before meeting my old high school buddies and managed to get one of them sick, it turned into a horrendous cold and I still have it, Although it is my birthday I have to clear the area around a couple of the windows so that my AC units can be inspected to plan for compliance with the new NYC law on securing them, My oven gave up on me last weekend and I can't call for service (which will cost mega $$) since no one can hear me with this cold, I had to clear out things in my office and get things off the floor so they can shampoo the carpet (did it in one day since I was out sick and taking today off for my birthday), my Mom's nurse misunderstood the supplies we needed so we got an abundance of something we rarely use and on the first round none of the item we really needed, the item we really needed arrived today but we still need another.

I have been so sick that I have not had the energy to touch any knitting. That and if I did I would need to wash everything well since I am sick. This cold is driving me crazy. I dry cough at night and spend my days with a runny nose and tons of tissues. At least this is not the flu - it is definitely a cold and sinus infection.. If the sinus infection does not clear up by Monday I will have to try to see my doctor.

So I am going to spend my birthday shuttling things to a small storage unit I have and rearranging things in my bedroom and living room. But it is definitely take out for dinner, No cooking for me tonight!

Wouldn't you know that I would get sick after finally getting a flu shot (my first) and that all sorts of other hassles would arrive while I was sick?

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