Friday, October 13, 2006

Friday the 13th, Oh My!

Okay, so I have not touched my Irish Hiking Cable Scarf in ages. I have not done any model kit building in ages as well. I am way behind on medically related appointments for me, my Mom and my cat. And of course, the laundry is never completely done. *sigh*

For better news, the two newer hats I made for a co-worker's newborn daughter (Olivia) do fit, my long time friend and co-worker's youngest son celebrates his third birthday today (Happy Birthday Timmy!), and the newborn hat I am knitting using Tahki cotton yarn on dpns for a new charity drive is looking okay.

Speaking of Charity drives - they are seemingly coming out of the woodwork and stressing me out. By that I mean that I want to participate in them but I am stretched in time, ability and finally financially. So I can't really participate in alot of them. I have to take a deep breath and besides picking and choosing, also prioritize that participation by whether I can meet the end of the drive deadlines and obtain and use the material type requirements.

I just picked up that Tahki cotton yarn which is really nice to use. That is for the Little Missionary's/St Vincent NICU Knit-a-thon - end date is 12/1/06

I am also trying to get at least one red scarf done for the Red Scarf Project for those orphans who have aged out of the system. Scarves due in for January.
Lily Chin has donated a nice pattern for the project which is a reversible mock cable. I am currently just doing a simple rib scarf using Lion Brand Homespun. Easier to handle on the subway commute and less likely for me to mess up completely.

I also want to particpate on the ongoing Snuggles Project which makes little blankets for animals in the shelters. Not all shelters accept these donations but the organization has a list of those who definitely participate and often shelters that accept donations of towels will accept these.

So many projects! So little time!

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