Sunday, October 08, 2006

Time Flies

Can't believe it is October! That went fast...

Update on that drawing prize basket from AC Moore - nice basket but you might have been able to see that none of the yarn skeins had any labels. No idea what companies or what fibers or what lengths or what washing instructions... On a nicer note, the tote that you can see was actually one of the long ones on wheels. Not a regular tote bag.

Dental wise - the surgery is mostly healed. I am back to wearing the Invisalgn aligners to continue the orthodontic work I needed. I am not scheduled for another visit until January. (whew!) Just need an estimate of what work we need to do next year so I can adjust my health flex spending account.

Pink Scarf Project (Breast Cancer Drive) - Finally finished the second scarf. Not my best work but it will be warm and hopefully someone will appreciate it. I have to send off the two scarves this week.

There are so many projects that I would like to participate in either for charities or to cheer up someone going through hard times. One problem is having yarn on hand that meets any special requirements that these might have or being able to get it in time. *sigh* Yeah I know, deep breath. You can't work on everything.

I will just have to pick and choose which I can do within the time requirements

Unfortunately I doubt very much if I will have any knit items for anyone on my Xmas list. Just not enough time since I am SO SLOW.

Well I gotta get going since today is massive errand day and I hope to catch some sales on needed supplies, both for home and for knitting.

Happy October! Happy Halloween!

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