Sunday, December 17, 2006

Christmas is Approaching Fast

It is hard to believe that Christmas is just 8 days away!

I have friends that I have to mail items to. For some of them I have gifts and some others I have yet to pick something up for. *sigh* I also don't have boxes that I can use to mail presents in either. As for Christmas cards I haven't even started those! I am a mess...

Besides the store-bought presents a couple of friends have jokingly yanked my chain about expecting knit items for Christmas since I started knitting again during my Christmas holiday from work last year. Of course, I had toyed with the idea but did not get my brain and needles in gear early enough to actually be sure to finish something nice for them. But they succeeded in yanking my chain and I am trying to get a simple scarf done for each of them. Here is my in-progress efforts:
xmas06 scarf
I was pretty far into the brown scarf when I realized that I should not have made it that wide. This is Lionbrand Homespun yarn which the label recommends 10 or 10.5 knitting needles. The brown scarf is being done using size 8 needles so it it really tighter and thicker. The gray scarf is being done with size 9 needles so it is a bit looser and more flexible. The idea is to make them fairly short, to be used under the coat. I might try to make them long enough to be wrapped once around the neck but I will have to see. These have to be ready for sometime the week of Christmas so I still have some time. I am going to try to finish the gray one and then judge on whether I will finish the brownish one or redo it in a less wide version perhaps using the size 9 needles.

This coming Monday is when the St Vincent NICU hats have to be turned in. I did not quite finish the 9th hat I am at the decreasing part so I should be able to finish it tomorrow nite. I don't think I will stay long at the gathering since I also have to do an errand that evening.

I still have to finish the red scarf for the Orphan project so I can send it in during January. I have not touched it in awhile and I am not quite sure how long it is. I believe the required length is 60 inches but I have to check.

Today I am taking my mom to her regular doctor for an end of the year check, get new prescriptions and a referral for a bone density and mammogram. The weather in NY is unseasonably warm with it supposed to get to about 80F today. The doctor's office is in a townhouse with steep stairs in front that we have trouble with in the best of weather so I generally try to get her there for a check before the worse weather really sets in. Since this is the only non-holiday eve weekend it has to be today.
Of course, everyone else had the same idea so we are supposed to be there for 3:30pm. Car Service picking us up at 2:45pm since we are close. But no guess as to how long we will be waiting once we get there to be called into one of the exam rooms, and then how much longer for the doctor to see Mom. Needless to say it is very hard to keep her occupied at the office AND she is always fretting when people in the waiting room are coughing or sneezing. Not alot of fun.

This is the last week at work before the holiday break and we are short staffed. I have meetings, still need to cover my area and deal with emergencies. We are having a lunch in house at my office area and usually we all cook something and bring it in. I just do not have the time or energy this year so it will be contributing to a fund to buy some restaurant food.

A few days later and it will be Christmas. My after Christmas present for my cat is bringing her to the Vet for a midyear (late by 2 months) check. Which probably means a later dental Vet appointment. She will be very unhappy and so will my pocket.

How did this year go so fast?

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