Friday, March 23, 2007

Market Squares Update

Well I made it to the third tier in the Market Squares entrelac bag!

My tension varies quite a bit and the stitches on one end are always looser and therefore bigger than I would like. I am hoping that all will look okay once it is felted but time will tell.


The colors in the pic above are a little off the actual ones but they are close.

I believe I have two more rectangles to complete the third tier. Then I believe I switch to the color used for the first base band for the fourth tier. Then back to the first tier color which is the triangle row.

Of course, I also think I did the base band section incorrectly. I think I folded the inch of knitting the wrong side facing but perhaps not. But in either case it may look perfectly fine in the end.

Color scheme seems to be okay so far. Something else that you can't tell how it will look until you actually get far enough. My gauge is off from what it should be. So this bag will be a little smaller I believe. I just hope that the felting process doesn't make it TOO small.

Definitely an interesting project and I can see why so many have made several of them.
If you get a chance to look at the pictures in the pattern book they show how different it can look with variations in color and after felting. The pattern is in "Bags a Knitter's dozen" published by XRX books.

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Anonymous said...

That's looking really great - hope to see the progress pics soon!