Sunday, March 18, 2007

My First Entrelac and First Felted Project

So I got Wool of the Andes yarn for the Market Squares felted Entrelac bag.

I am not sure how the colors I chose will work out but I will see. There is a function on the KnitPicks site that allows you to figure out how much wool you need for the project. That is they have a "form" with project size for that pattern with the recommended number of skeins of their yarn for the project for each color: A,B,C,D, and E. Unfortunately, it would be easier to choose if they had a graphic of the basic bag that would fill in the color choice entered for each so you can see the effect. Or at least something that puts the color choices in the order the pattern will use.

All colors except for the main take 2 skeins, the main needs 3 skeins. Here is a pic of the colors I chose but I forgot to put them in the order they will be used (without the repeats of course). So the color order of the skeins is arbitrary. Although the first skein on the left is the main color.
As you can see from comparing the in-progress project on the needles to the photo in the book, it is knit from the opening of the bag downwards. I am currently working on the second tier which is the first one using the main color and the first tier of rectangles.


Weird picking up stitches from the part already done to add on the next part.

Will update the progress when I can

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