Saturday, March 17, 2007

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!

Happy Saint Patrick's Day! No corn beef and cabbage for us tho. :-)
I had forgotten to pick up the ingredients during the week and I don't have the time to deal with getting them in time. Ah well.

The happy circumstance of the USPS package incident is that I have my order of knitting items from Knitpicks. I had wanted to try some of their yarns and their new circular knitting needles. I would have ordered their KnitPicks Options circular needle set but I didn't NEED them right now so opted to wait until next time. Instead I ordered the yarn needed for a felted Entrelac bag pattern and the book the pattern is in. Plus a couple of other yarns I have been meaning to try and two smaller circular needles which are not in the interchangable set.


So I hope I picked good colors that will work with that pattern. It is the Market Squares by Staff of XRX. I have seen posts by several people who have made it. Looks like a pretty good size for me to use and a nice look to it. And a big plus is that I would be doing two new techniques. Felting and knitting Entrelac - the interlocking squares/triangles. Will post the results when finished.

Don't drink too much green beer!

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