Saturday, March 17, 2007

And The Difference Is?????

Thursday evening when I checked my mailbox (after my Mom and her health aide did so just before 3pm), there was a notice for a package from the U.S.P.S. . Although my Mom is always home, unless someone attempts a delivery before her Health Aide leaves for the day, she will usually not hear the buzzer. And since we do not have a doorbell she probably would not hear someone knocking at the door either.

As usual, the notice does not list the sender. I could guess that it might be an order I had placed recently, but then it might not be. According to the notice, I could request re-delivery or go to the Post Office to pick it up myself.
My post office is not the one located about 3 blocks from my complex. It is the one nearer (but not close to) our last apartment. To get there I could take a bus or take the subway 2 stops from is one.
Not too bad if I could carry the package. In the past, I have gone there on my way to work for a package and then taken it all the way into Manhattan. But Friday's forecast was for the storm, so I opted for re-delivery. Of course by the time I had gotten home and called the re-delivery section was unavailable so I had to call back in the morning.

When I called for re-delivery I had to listen to and respond to alot of automated questions and read off parts of the notice. One problem, the handwriting was almost as unreadable as my doctor's prescriptions. So when I was unable to respond correctly, I got re-directed to an actual person. He coped with my interpretation of the scribble pretty well. He said that no one can usually read the handwriting so at least I was not alone. One question was whether someone would be home for the day requested and I told him I would wait for it. The phone number I gave was the one to reach me at home. So I was set, or so I thought.

I was surprisingly exhausted after sloughing through the snow/slush and fighting against the stinging of the sleet. So I overslept in the morning and was running late with the morning tasks. Feed the cat, wake Mom and give her osteoporosis medication, make breakfast a little later, etc. But I knew I would have woken earlier or heard if anyone had buzzed me from the lobby.
Last time I had re-delivery they came at noon so I was not really concerned until then. Watched the normal Saturday morning cartoons and ate breakfast, logged online and downloaded my work and personal emails. I was hesitant about going out for the newspapers since that would be when they would try to deliver the package. But I finally decided that I had to. Dressed, coat and scarf, boots on, money ready, keys in hand, I unlocked the door, opened it and....

There was the package - re-delivery sheet attached, sitting just against my apartment door!

So, if no signature was required, what exactly was the difference between the original delivery attempt and the re-delivery that allowed the package to be left unattended in front of the door?

I don't get it... *sigh*

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