Friday, March 16, 2007

Sleet, Sleet, Sleet

Yesterday it was 68F with some rain. Then the temps started dropping until by night it was 38F. Warnings of an approaching storm were all over the news.

This morning the streets were wet and it was sleeting. Nothing seemed to be sticking on the ground, just on the cars and some bushes. On my way to work the wind had kicked up a little. That was driving the sleet hard against your skin. Ouch!

In the later afternoon I had to walk over a few blocks to a meeting in another building. It wasn't too bad to walk, winds were fairly calm and the streets were not too bad to walk on. A bit of slush. Of course there were those areas where the drains in the street were clogged and the slush was building into lakes but still passable. By the time we headed back to our office the winds had kicked up again and drove the sleet sharply against your skin.

Leaving tonight, there was a fairly good accumulation and the winds were still bad. Still sleeting with some snow as well. Some poor woman literally slid into the subway car I was in. Not hurt just startled.
This is my neighborhood tonight. Doesn't look that bad but the winds are really gusting and the sleet is non stop.

So do you think they will have cleared streets for the Saint Patrick's Day Parade on Fifth Avenue tomorrow? Hmmmmm.... I wonder.

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