Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Spring Forward?

Sunday morning was the new date for the Daylight Savings Time change.
What a pain. My work PC and home PC had updates to change the effective date but not all the other electronics in the house!

But even my home PC seemed to not have known. Until I looked at the date/time pop up change panel and realized that somehow the automatic DST had gotten Unchecked. Once I checked it everything was corrected.

I went around changing all of the times on the electronics and clocks. Since I don't have any updates to correct the effective date for DST on the electronics I just set them all on manual time change. Of course I had forgotten that I needed to change my Mom's watch and mine. I never remember how to change the time on these. All those buttons. Which ones to push at the same time to invoke the SET function? Luckily, this time I found it pretty fast.

I love the Green market at Union Square here in New York City! You never know what you will find. I also try to save items and drop them off there for the compost project. I can usually do that on the way to my office. Good idea since they are often heavy and could be a bit fragrant and not suitable for the office.

Here are some dwarf plants I picked up for my Mom yesterday:

A little sign of life and that Spring is coming, eventually.
Spring is supposed to start next week. The weather has been fairly warm for the last few days but the temperature is supposed to drop again.

Will Spring arrive soon and stay? Time will Tell!

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