Saturday, April 28, 2007

Caregiving Front

Good news, our new nurse had to do an evaluation and status update on Mom and used that to help justify extending the health aide hours. So as of Monday, she will be with Mom for 8 hours instead of 6! Now I just have to get myself in gear and get out of the apartment earlier so I can leave work a bit earlier reducing the time that Mom is home alone.

I also joined a couple of caregiving groups on Yahoo which has been helpful. The issues being raised, various solutions and knowing how everyone is coping with it all.

Mom's anxiety has thankfully decreased so she is not roaming the apartment at night. And has stopped thinking she needs to open the door to check on something or even trying to leave the apartment to meet me downstairs. She has been pretty much sleeping through the night except for a couple of bathroom trips. Whew!

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