Monday, April 30, 2007

Market Squares Felt 2

Well, I managed to get a chance to try felting the bag in a top loader washing machine. Put a few pairs of jeans in and a towel (prob not a good idea), and the bag and straps were in a fine mesh bag. I set the machine to hot water and put some gentle soap in. I did not manage to catch it before the spin cycle but it seems to have been fine.

The bag shrank more and the fabric is thicker and stronger. Still a bit floppy but much better. I attached the straps using nylon thread and backed the attachment point with a button on the inside. I don't have a closeup of the felted fabric but here is the bag:


Cool and much closer to the picture of the finished product in the pattern book.


laprincessa said...

Looks GRREAT! I love the colors you chose. I hope to get to this bag one of these days. I have a ton of socks planned first, though. I can't stop buying that beautiful hand-dyed sock yarn!

Lisa in Dallas from Knitting Novices

dsh-diva said...

Your bag looks great! Congratulations.
Jennie in Baltimore

Dragonarc said...

Thanks for the kind words.
Of course you can't see in the pics but I can see my inexperience in entrelac showing in the final felted version. Specifically I did not always manage to pick up stitches at the corners so the squares don't always connect and look a bit odd.
But for a first effort it came out surprisingly well.

Dragonarc said...

Lisa -
I have bought some lovely hand-dyed sock yarn too. But I haven't made any socks!

I am actually pretty hard on my socks so I am a bit worried that I will make something nice and ruin them almost immediately. :-)

One day I will make some socks even if it is meant for someone else.

Nancy @ the Jersey Shore said...

your bag is really nice! I want to do that bag, I actually asked about it recently on the bag-a-holic group. I had some concerns on the band. but...I think I can do it. you did great. Love the colors, and it felted lovely. Jeans and a towel are what you're supposed to use, you did good!

anunmaker said...

Your bag looks great! I love the colors! I used a bucket to get the inital shape on mine, then hung it over a door, stuffed it with old walmart bags and put some weight in it to stretch the handles a bit.

The lovely thing about felting is that if you make a mistake in the knitting, it will usually go away in the felting! Guess I have no excuse in avoiding fair isle anymore!

Dragonarc said...

The jeans are the recommendation but avoid the towel. It might be okay if you put your bag into a pillowcase or zipped pillowcase since the lint from the towel won't get onto the bag. Since I had hand felted I thought not alot of lint would be created by the bag itself so I just had it in a mesh bag. The lint from the towel did get onto the bag and was annoying to remove.

Dragonarc said...

arunmaker -
I have wanted to try fair isle myself. But my stockinette tension is still too inconsistent.
Once I can get my tension to be predictable I would love to try a real pattern in fair isle. I have done a couple of hats with made up patterns for a charity donation. It was definitely interesting!