Monday, May 07, 2007

Cold, Allergies or Something Else?

Friday at work my energy level bottomed out in the late afternoon. I was just dragging and unable to concentrate on the project I am extremely late on. It did not help that I finally got a chance to get my lab results from my doctor's office for blood tests done a few weeks ago. My cholesterol is fine but my liver enzymes are elevated and my triglycerides are way high. We shall see if I have to change medications to lower cholesterol again. I had to change from Lipitor when my liver enzymes stayed at a slightly elevated level and then my cholesterol shot up. I am on Vytorin now. But I am not very good at keeping my diet correct. I have to confess that I was addicted to having ice cream at night for a couple of weeks before the blood test which must have contributed to my high triglycerides. I now do not have any ice cream in the freezer.

But something else was going on. I wasn't really sneezing but I was having pressure problems in my ears and Friday evening my throat started aching. Over the weekend my energy was low so I took it easy on Saturday and stayed mostly in bed trying to rest. I was sneezing a bit and blowing my nose alot but my throat was better. It seems like this might be a cold instead of allergies kicking up. I was achy on Friday all over but that went away. I don't think I had a fever either. Of course I may also have a sinus infection but I will see how I am today. If necessary I will go to my doctor's office to try and get antibiotics for the sinus infection if it doesn't get better by then.

So knitting wise I only forced myself to do some work on a pink scarf I have been knitting as part of a charity donation for a knitting group at work. I have been neglecting those projects for personal ones and I feel very guilty.

I have another market squares bag in progress with purple, turquoise and a variegated yarn in that family. My problem is finding different colors that would look nice in a wool yarn. Although I used KnitPicks yarn for the first one the colors available really don't grab me for a second round. So I am actually using yarn from a couple of different companies. Hope they all felt about the same!

I will take an in progress pic when I can.

Here's hoping that whatever bug has gotten into my system leaves soon!

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