Sunday, April 15, 2007

Stress and Tax Time

Here it is Sunday 4/15 and I still have not filed my taxes. Do I owe the IRS any money? Is that why I am so late? Nope, I actually get a refund and just couldn't get my act together to finish and file. I did finally install the tax software and I have managed to get my supporting documents together. I have even managed to do a first cut on my Federal and State tax forms. I just need to reconfirm that all is correct and then I will bite the bullet and pay for e-filing and actually file. Thankfully both Federal and State returns are actually due for Tuesday 4/17 this year. Whew!

Now, what has been the hold up? Could be trying to get the supporting paperwork together as a first issue. Then both work and caregiving stress just had me too tired to actually work on them. I will check everything tonight and file as soon as possible.

On the Caregiving front - both my geriatic cat and my Mom have been having some issues lately. Sometimes at about the same time or almost. Just when you think things have settled something else comes up. Like just when you are ready for bed you find that the cat has managed to cough up hairballs and accompanying food several places on your bedroom carpet. *sigh*

Mom's hearing is a bit better after the two visits to the Ear Doctor for wax vacuuming out of her ears. At least it is easier to communicate with her and calm her down when she has gotten anxious after hearing conversations that we can't hear.
The Ear doctor has recommended two visits a year to try and keep her ears clear. They performed a hearing test and it seems about the same as last year. The audiologist in their office has recently joined the Managed Medicaid plan that we are in. Once I get a new id for the plan I can drop by the office so they can photocopy it and then the audiologist will be able to confirm whether she can provide a hearing aid for Mom. Of course it won't be one of the newer nicer models. They would only pay for the basic model but at least I can perhaps get her one so she has it and can use it when she wants to. Two visits will be necessary but at least I am comfortable with the office and the providers there. Nothing worse than travelling to a provider for a service and not being comfortable with them and what they are providing.

At least she doesn't seem to be wandering about at night or if she is I must have been deeply asleep. I still put a sign on the door lock and one on the curtain I have at my bedroom doorway just in case she does panic and wander. It just tells her that everyone is okay and I am sleeping in my room and that she should go back to bed. Hopefully that reassures her enough to make a difference.

I found a couple of groups on Yahoo that are for caregivers or deal with dementia. Everyone seems to be very nice and it is helpful to be able to vent to people who have experienced something similar or unfortunately even worse.

Now, besides dealing with alot of backlog of work at the office I have to find the time to take the cat to the vet for yearly exam and booster shots. I prefer to take her to senior vet in the practice so that means taking off from work for a weekday appointment.

Thankfully the pet food scare did not apply to her since she always hated any of the can food with gravy and does not eat any of the other types on the recall list. I can imagine how hard it has been for those whose pets had been sickened or even died from the tainted food. The sadest thing is that the brands we have always considered premium instead of the brands usually available at supermarkets were mostly the ones on the list. So trying to take good care of your pet could have done them in. Well my little spoiled geriatic diva cat is fine except for the hairballs. Too bad she doesn't cough up diamonds like the cat in the NY Lottery commercial!

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