Monday, May 28, 2007

The Concert Venue Cat

It occurred to me that I haven't mentioned the ongoing encounters with the adventurous cat who resides in the concert venue near my office. Now this place hosts all sorts of events. It has hosted video game contests, parties sponsored by radio stations, pretty much any type of music concert, Ladies nights, female and male strip nights, etc. It shares the block with a multiplex movie theatre and a fairly large U.S. Post Office so you can imagine some of the headaches when a band's setup gear arrives.

My first encounter with this cat was on a day when I was trying to drop a bill payment in the mail at the post office on my way into work. It was an odd day since we were getting some snow flakes. On my way from the post office I was passing some apartments and saw the cat rubbing itself on the concrete area by the apartment entrances. I could see it had a collar and some kind of tag and I thought it might have wandered out of one of the apartments. It was well fed with a glossy coat, black with a little white. It was friendly and not at all concerned about being outside. Actually intent on wandering around the area. Another woman passing by was also interested in the cat and we both thought that it seemed comfortable and probably would be fine. As we left each other and I started down the block I looked at the windows of the apartments and checked the doors of the concert place to see where the cat might have come from. The apartment windows were all sealed but the concert place was getting a delivery and one of their doors was open with no employees in sight. As I was trying to decide what to do, some people exited from the concert place and I was able to ask them about the cat. Bingo! It seemed that the cat was famous for going out adventuring and they were going to notify the security person. I told them where I had last seen the cat descending the stairs by the apartments and felt better that the cat would be fine.

More on the cat encounters to come.

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