Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial Day

I did manage to deal with some of my errands yesterday but of course not all of them.
One of the last was doing quite alot of laundry. On my way out of the apartment to start the laundry and pick up the newspapers I discovered that the USPS fairy left me a present. What was the present? Remember that notice I got on Saturday? For the package that would be available at the post office about 20 blocks away at 9am on Tuesday 5/29? Yep! There it was! I rescued the box and placed it in the living room so I could open it when I got back.

Laundry successfully in the washing machines and newspapers in hand, I returned and gave Mom the newspapers and tackled the box. My yarn and Black Sheep felted bag patterns were safely inside. Hooray!

So I logged into Ebay and left feedback for that seller and sent her a message that the package arrived safely with a slight adventure. Of course something else caught my eye and I bid on a couple of other lots of yarn. *sigh*

For penance I thought I should finish the second crochet baby blanket before I got totally wrapped up in felted bag planning. With a few breaks to give Mom a snack and lunch I did finally finish the second blanket. This one is closer to the 2 feet by 3 feet requested size. Still a little over in one direction but better.

The first blanket:
A close up:

As you see, the first one is made using a variegated pastel yarn. The second one I used two colors, a yellow and a white yarn. The sections are almost the same size and I think I did better on the crochet stitches for the most part than on the first blanket.
Here it is completed:
And a closeup:

I am still amazed at how much more yarn crochet uses! It is extremely hard to determine how much yarn will be needed. So I guess I will need to make sure to take extra yarn from the charity supply when I work on something in crochet. At least I have two blankets to turn in at the next group meeting.

Now to get planning on the personal projects!

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