Sunday, May 27, 2007

No Packages This Weekend!

Boo Hoo! The lovely postal person left me a notice in my mailbox that claimed they attempted delivery at 9 Am yesterday. I was home except for a quick run to the corner for the newspapers. I don't really think they attempted to buzz, if they knocked then it was not very loud so there is no way I would hear in the living room or my bedroom. Grrrr. That was my Ebay order of Yarn and patterns. Which I will have to go to the post office a subway stop away to get on Tuesday! Messing up another day off! I also got a notice from the internet store that one of the colors I ordered (that showed as in stock when I placed the order) was back ordered and they are holding the rest until they can send the complete order. Estimate is a week or so before it comes in.
Double GRRRRR!!!!

So this weekend is a bust. I took off Friday and Tuesday to use up vacation days and hopeflly enjoy myself. Friday was too hot to go voyaging on public transportation to the zoo or anywhere so I stayed home and worked on a baby blanket for a charity. Then Saturday I had to stay home awaiting the VNS nurse for Mom's monthly visit. She called at 8:30AM estimating she would arrive between 10 and 11am. She did but I still didn't get anything else done outside of the apartment since It was a bit too warm for me again.

Today I have to do errands or DIE!

Monday I hope to enjoy myself even if I stay home again or close to home since Mom's health aide is off.

Now Tuesday is messed up since I have to trek to the post office and back again before I can really go anywhere. At least Mom's health aide will be here so I can go out without any real concerns.

So after my errands I might wind some more yarn and figure out what project I can work on to use that yarn on.

And how many simultaneous projects are you working on?

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