Friday, May 25, 2007

Memorial Day Weekend Already?

Hard to believe it is the end of May. Time went so fast!

I have been checking out Ebay for more yarn and bought more from the store that is closing. I also checked out a sale on an Internet store and bought some more Cascade 220 from them in other colors. The richness of some of the shades is wonderful!

I am currently expecting two packages, one from the Ebay seller and one from the Internet store. Perhaps by early next week.

On the caregiving front, Mom's VNS nurse called and told me that she has been ill and will be out of the office until June 7th but that since she had not seen Mom this month another nurse has to come to see her for the mandatory visit. When can that nurse come? Saturday! She is supposed to call before but I don't know if she will call today or not. *sigh* I would like to be able to go to the movies or do something else that might be hard to get a cell phone call at.

It is supposed to be 90F today in NYC so I guess wandering around the Bronx Zoo or the gardens is not a good idea.

On the yarn project front I am crocheting a baby blanket for my knitting group at work. I feel so guilty that I haven't turned anything in for awhile. Our organizer wants us to concentrate on baby blankets for now since those will probably be the most needed at the Aids charity.

Gotta go the Cat is demanding attention!

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