Friday, May 18, 2007

More About Those Recent Purchases

I didn't post a picture of my Cascade 220 purchase so here it is:

Some may be curious as to how the yarn swift looks disassembled for storage, so here is a pic of that minus the little bag of dowels:

I also recently bought a bag to use for projects, etc. Someone had posted on one of the Yahoo groups about the Smith and Hawken tool bag awhile ago. I have a hard time visualizing the dimensions given for anything. I have to actually see one in person to figure out if it meets my needs. Luckily there is a Smith and Hawken store in Soho here in NYC but it is quite a hike from my current office. I did manage to get there after a long appointment at my dentist which was a shorter hike from the store.

The Ultimate tool bag comes in several sizes but of course the Large was my preference. They have it in black currently priced at $29 which is not a bad price.
I liked it enough to buy one and have been pleased with it. Have been using it instead of my usual backpack for going to work.
Dimensions:12 1/2" W x 9" D x 12 1/2" H. The exterior pockets have an elastic across which keeps longer items secure. There are a total of 10 pockets. 6 on the outside with 4 secured with the elastic. Internally there are 4 pockets and a sizable inside area. Each pocket on the inside front and back are across the bag and suitable in width for magazines but can hold alot. The inside end pockets are pretty sizable in diameter and I use one to hold my current knitting scarf project.
I am able to knit on the subway standing with the scarf pulled partway out of the bag so the rest is supported and not heavy.
Here is a photo of the outside:

And here is the inside:
If you want to check it out the Smith and Hawken site is:
Just do a search for "bag" and you will find it.

Have Fun!

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