Monday, August 20, 2007

A Commuting Nightmare

So there I was rushing to the subway turnstile fumbling in the pocket of my bag for my Unlimited Monthly Metrocard, the one I bought less than a week ago, only to find it NOT there!

I moved over to the side of the turnstile area and started systematically going through my bag. No luck. The regular Metrocard I had in my wallet for emergencies had "expired" in January. I thought I could transfer the balance at a Metrocard machine but was unable to find the right path in the selections. So I gave up and bought a card to get me by until I could check the MTA website for what to do now.

The good news is that since I paid for the Unlimited Metrocard with a credit card I have automatic "replacement insurance" and I should be able to get a credit of a set amount per day left in the 30 day period which started when I first used that card. All I have to do is call a service number and have the credit card that I charged the Metrocard to. Also the regular card is supposed to be able to be transferred to a new one either at a "token booth" or at a Metrocard vending machine.

All I have to do is call to get the credit. Then to deal with the expired card, I just have to get the attendant at my station to transfer my balance to the card I bought tonight. I also need to purchase a new Monthly unlimited Metrocard.

The worse thing besides the aggravation is that I will miss the hard Metrocard holder that I lost along with that card.

It is always something!

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