Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Been a Hectic Time

It has been a hectic time for me since I last posted.

We got a new health aide for my Mom. Everyone has their little issues and we shall see how it works out. I am now less hesitant about speaking to the supervisor about someone that just doesn't work well with us. I am trying to keep track of things and giving the new aide feedback to see if we can work better together. The new school year starting hasn't helped since her family has several children that are having problems with school transportation. And yesterday no one else in the family could be reached to pick up a sick child at school so the aide had to leave about noon. I was home sick so I was able to take over but not the best way for me to attempt to get better. Hopefully all the beginning of school issues settle down quickly.

Work has been hectic and stressful. Short notice on things needed for high profile projects and alot of work on reviewing items being migrated into Production to prevent problems. As usual of course, no advance warning so often things are considered ready by the programming staff that do not meet the needs for the Production staff so that they can make sure it all runs properly and deliverables are on time.

I finished those fingerless gloves, the Fetching Pattern from I will post pics soon. Whew!

I started the gauge swatches for the two lace knit alongs. Been frustrating since I will find the wrong number of stitches and screw up correcting the error. So I have had to rip them out to the beginning several times. But I am getting better at it.

On the good news front -
I have progressed quite a bit on the Ravelry waiting list:

You signed up on July 10, 2007
You are #15526 on the list.
3597 people are ahead of you in line.
16602 people are behind you in line.
36% of the list has been invited so far

And today's weather has greatly improved. No rain and the humidity and heat have reduced.

Let's hope it is a sign of a better day!

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