Sunday, September 23, 2007

Ravelry Rules!

I got my invite on Friday. It was actually sent about 30 minutes after I last checked in the morning. I found out before I left my office. I queried my waiting list standing and got the message that the invite had been sent and another would be sent just in case the first got lost.

Sure enough it was in the Inbox for that email account when I checked that night. Now the hard part, getting the info together to add to Ravelry for my stuff.

I updated some of my sections yesterday and continued today. I have to check some details and make some corrections if necessary later. Have only touched part of my yarn stash and my needle collection. The needle/hook inventory area is due to be updated with more features/types at some point.

So my id on Ravelry is Dragonarc, in case you already have an id and are curious.

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