Friday, September 21, 2007

Almost There...

Imagine my surprise when I checked my place on the Ravelry waiting list to find:
You are #15526 on the list.
174 people are ahead of you in line.
18725 people are behind you in line.
44% of the list has been invited so far

So, if they process any of them during the rest of the day today I may get my invite tonight or tomorrow! Woo Hoo!!!!
I can't wait until I can click on someone's link and not get stuck at the Ravelry signin page!!!!

On a not so great note, I am still way behind at work!!!! But we just got new desk phones which is good and bad. Now I can check what numbers or other employees have called when I am away from my desk who may NOT have left voice mail. As one of my coworkers said, "Pressure is on, should I call back people (like the boss) who called while I was away without leaving a message or shouldn't I?" We can also forward calls from our desk phone to our work cell phones. Hmmmmmm.... Feature or Disadvantage? Let's see if anyone says we have to. I might if I am going to a meeting or be away for an extended period of the day. But most of the time things can wait. If not they can contact someone who would call my cell directly anyway.

Now I have to pay a few critical bills before leaving for the office. *sigh*

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