Friday, November 23, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

Well, Happy Thanksgiving! A little late since this is being posted the next day. I made a ham and some mashed sweet potatoes for Thanksgiving and I will be eating ham for days. There is only two of us and Mom won't eat leftovers more than one time.

The radio and television are full of stories of traffic conditions and shopping area crowds since it is "black Friday" the day of early store openings and special sales for the earliest hours. I will NEVER go anywhere near the shopping areas on this peak shopping day.

Secret of the Stole Progress: Since I finished clue 4 I am 50% done with the stole. As of last night I am about 1/4 done with Clue 5. Of course the final clue(clue 8) was posted this morning. *sigh*
I am definitely one of the tortoises with this project but at least I am making some progress on it.

A scary incident happened on Wednesday in my neighborhood in Queens, New York City. A gas explosion where 8 people were hospitalized and the elderly woman who was the primary victim passed away in the hospital later that night.
Story on news radio site
The story on the ABC local news site.

I live a few blocks away and when I called my Mom she did not remember hearing any explosion but her memory varies and it was about 3 hours afterwards. When I got into the area after work I didn't go close to the site but I could see emergency vehicle flashing lights in the distance. I did take a walk over there yesterday and the main house involved had all of the front windows boarded up with caution tape across the door and the door of the house on it's right. However, there did not seem to be any obvious damage to the house to the right or the other houses nearby.

I also found out that an elderly neighbor from the floor above is in rehab due to another fall the other day. His wife said he was also rushed to the hospital while at rehab when he exhibited signs of a heart attack (which was confirmed at the hospital).

Sending good thoughts to those in need during this time and of course to my neighbor who is always in good spirits and active despite all of his health issues.

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