Sunday, November 11, 2007

What Has Been Going On?

Hmmm.. I forgot to mention that my birthday occurred at the end of October, along with some other of my friends within a week of mine. Didn't do anything special and it passed without incident. Got some neat gifts though!

There was also a battle of stomach upsets in my household. Mom was having some intestinal upset and so was my cat. I think the cat had a touch of the flu. I couldn't take her to the vet right away and by the time I was trying to schedule it she seemed to be better. She is fine now. I do have to schedule her main checkup of the year (vet wants 2 visits a year since she is geriatric). I am fighting to get her to eat her food with the supplements needed to help with her arthritis and therefore with painful litter box use. She has been suffering with hairballs which also makes it worse.

Mom had another incident yesterday but that could have been due to too much fiber for her system. Making more plain stuff for dinner and lunch. Will keep an eye on the situation.

I saw the Concert Venue Cat the other week, it was a warmer day and when I was passing she was sitting outside. When I talked to her she came over and wanted some attention (which she got). But she didn't go voyaging again so I thought she wanted to go back inside. The usual process, press the intercom button, opened the door when they buzzed and told them I was letting the cat in when I opened the door. Of course, now that the door was open she wasn't too eager to enter, so I helped her by nudging her and quickly closed the door.

The Daylight Savings Time Change happened and got everyone confused as usual. Mom actually remembered but didn't mention anything until the middle of the day after the clocks had been changed.

The weather is finally showing that winter is coming and we have had some cold temps, some rain as well on occaision and a rumored sighting of snow in one of the more northern areas. But we may be having some warmer temps again this week and more rain showers.

I have been listening to a really funny podcast called "MunchCast" that Leo Laporte and Cammy Blackstone do. I get it by subscribing to Radio Leo on iTunes. It can be extremely hysterical and always interesting. It is about snacks/candy and all things related to yummy goodness.

Well better get more of my errands done so I can work on the Secret of the Stole Clue 4 tonight.

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