Monday, February 11, 2008

Finally Finished SOTSII Clue 2!

Well, I finally finished the second clue on Saturday night 2/9/08. I did not get far in Clue 3. Of course, Clue 4 was released on Friday. *sigh*


It did not help that I had a molar removed on Wednesday afternoon which was the tooth that had a bad abscess that emerged the prior week. Totally unexpected. When they removed the tooth they discovered that most of the side where the abscess had erupted was destroyed by the infection. So that was the right decision. The two dentists had been debating whether a root canal would remove enough of the bad material so that additional bone loss would not occur or if removal was the way. Both would mean additional work to make a functional molar which would also prevent my teeth shifting on the jaw (again).

I swelled up alot overnight and looked like a chipmunk hoarding nuts. I was extremely uncomfortable but not in pain. I am still swollen but now there is just a harder area the size of a large walnut in the area. I feel alot better. I am still on antibiotics for the next few days.

To top everything off, I woke up this morning to the coldest temps here ever!
It is 11 degrees but with the wind chill it is minus 10 degrees! My subway station is of course elevated so I can imagine what it will be like!

Tomorrow a snow front is due in the afternoon but that will be turning to rain. Only time will tell.

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