Friday, February 15, 2008

SOTSII - Clue 5!

Clue 5! Yikes!
I am on row 143 of Clue 3. First I haven't had time to work on the project consistently. Then almost every time I do I will think one of the rows is fine but then even if the stitch count is correct I will find out that I missed a YO or counted the knit stitches wrong or something. So I wind up tinking out the return row and tinking almost all of the pattern row. Because of course the mistake is close to the start of the row! *sigh*

I hope to make progress and be less behind this weekend but somehow it looks less and less likely that I can ever be close to catching up with the current clue.

Of course I am still recovering from oral surgery, work has had it's emergencies and last night I discovered a disaster in the kitchen just before I was going to bed. My kitchen sink pipe leaks every time any liquid goes down the drain!

I had to remove everything from under the sink - soaked boxes of garbage bags included and then get all the water up. I hope it did not leak into the downstairs apartment or I am responsible for fixing their damage as well as mine.
Then I had to figure out how to dispose of what could not be salvaged, where to put what could be salvaged and how to catch any leaking liquid so no further damage would be caused. All at 2am!

Okay so I knew I would have to get a plumber sometime to take care of those pipes since I discovered that a joint further along was oozing a couple of years ago after I moved into the apartment. Think it has to do with the prior owners replacing pipes so that the metals in the different sections are incompatible.

The only "lucky" part is that it seems the leaking is really at the main portion where I can place a bucket. For some odd reason the pipe with the trap is so low that the trap is about 1/4-1/2 inch above the cabinet floor. Hard to get anything under it and impossible to empty anything without spilling most if not all of it out on the cabinet floor.

With the bucket in place and one of those sponge wipes clipped over the pipe running across, the water gets directed down into the bucket instead of along the pipe and all over the place. Surprisingly running the dishwasher did not result in a huge amount in the bucket. Whew!

Well perhaps I can work on clue 3 more tonight and be more alert while doing it.

Sometimes you can only deal with things one hour at a time.

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