Tuesday, February 26, 2008

One Day At A Time

Here is a photo of the finished Clue 3 for SOTS II:
Well, I did get a chance to work on Clue 4 for a few rows last night. That helped calm my nerves since I have been worried about my cat. I had forgotten that when I adopted her in 1993 she was a year old so she will be 16 years old next month!

She has been off her food recently,looking uncomfortable and extremely whiny in the last week. When it snowed here in NYC on Friday she had climbed over to the windowsill and was watching the snow. She hasn't been hiding, but she has not been eating her normal amounts. Which might have contributed to her not having a bowel movement from Wednesday through Saturday when I took her to the vet without an appointment. I avoid Saturdays there since it is their only weekend day and EVERYONE tries to bring their pets in. Plus the senior vet is not usually working. But this time he was and the wait wasn't much longer than I have waited weekdays when I had an appointment!

In the end I was about $500 lighter in the pocketbook and had antibiotic pills to give her. The assistant took her in the back to draw blood and get a urine sample. This time a urine sample was "volunteered" and the assistant was spared any bowel movement samples. The in-house blood test showed that she was dehydrated and indicated a higher level than normal of something (which I forget) that could have indicated kidney problems. The exam did not show anything enlarged or anything much in the bowels and she only hissed at the vet once. Which is better than our last visit. Until the more complete blood test results and urinalysis results came back from the lab Monday the vet felt giving her some fluid subcutaneously and antibiotics should help.

It did seem to help since her appetite was good immediately after our return from the vet, but later that day she only nibbled on her food. I managed to get only a partial dose of the antibiotic in her on Sunday but Monday she got a full dose.

When we spoke on Monday he was more upbeat going over the lab results. She had a high white blood cell count so she definitely has an infection. Since there were white blood cells in her urine she has at least a urinary tract or bladder infection. Which he explained could be causing the high levels indicating kidney problems. He instructed me to continue the course of antibiotics and call them if anything changes that concerns me otherwise I am to bring her back after the antibiotics have finished. The antibiotic he had prescribed should help with any kidney infection as well as the urinary or bladder infection.

She managed to eat most of what I had mixed the antibiotic in this morning but enough for left for me to be concerned. Luckily when I got home tonight she had finished it off. I tried the tip one of my fellow SOTS II members had sent me of warming the food slightly to increase the smell which often enhances it's appeal to an animal with a cold. Well it worked and she ate some, walked away and returned several times to nibble some more before going for a nap. I will have to try it again a little while later after I eat with the remainder of the can. That should increase her fluid intake and give her more energy as well.

Just taking One Day At A Time and hoping she does better. Maybe I will be able to work more on Clue 4 as well.

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