Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Another Knitalong?

Okay so I have NEVER finished a knit-a-long that I have joined. Mea Culpa.
I joined the Irish Hiking Scarf one when I wasn't really ready to finish one of those cable scarfs and the others were all lace shawls that required quality knitting time to do each clue properly.
Having some time in the evening but not enough quiet uninterrupted time I would make more mistakes then progress so I fell way behind and got discouraged. One day I will finish those shawls!

Anyway, I need to break my streak of not completing any of the knit-a-longs so I just joined a mystery mitten one that I should be able to handle without going crazy. The organizer just posted a new "clue" and I am in a good position since I had completed the last one for at least one mitten and the second mitten is in progress.

MysteryMittenClue 1

The yarn is wool - Cascade 220 in a salmon color. That seemed a good pick for young children which the pattern is for. You can see that I am using the same ball of yarn for both mittens. The first completed clue one on the left is using the center pull yarn which is currently on the bottom of the ball. The second in progress mitten is using the outer end hence turning the ball upside down to make sure that I don't get tangled in the center pull yarn.

Well hopefully I will be able to start the new clue soon. The clues are released every couple of days.

Let's hope I break my bad streak!

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