Saturday, July 12, 2008

More Vet Adventures

Well my poor little cat went back to the vets on Thursday. But it was not a good experience for her. She volunteered a urine sample at them. So they were unable to obtain a regular or sterile sample. They felt this was all fear related so they gave me tranquilizers to give her before bringing her in for another attempt.

When I brought her home she was furious with me. Now you have to understand that she normally stays in my room especially since whenever she goes into Mom's room my Mom is shooing her out and that is also where Mom's health aide would be. *scary*
This day we had a substitute health aide so it was a stranger, but she pointedly ignored my room and went right into Mom's room and plopped down and got comfy on the carpet by the window. She would not be coaxed out and into my room until I tried fresh deli turkey. But as soon as she ate it she went directly under my dresser and ignored me until later in the evening. When she seemed to finally sort of forgive me.

I managed to give her the tranquilizer crushed and mixed into some food and brought her back on Friday. Same problem so they gave me a choice of taking her home and returning her again OR leaving her possibly overnight if they are still unable to obtain a sample. They were not able to, so she stayed overnight and I checked with them this morning. No luck for a sterile sample needed for the culture to make sure the infection was gone but they were able to obtain a sample for the regular tests.
I call on Monday for test results. If they had staff that could attempt obtaining a sterile sample tonight and tomorrow then they would have suggested leaving her overnight again. But that was not the case so I brought her home and they only charged me for the lab tests.

Surprisingly although my cat has been extremely vocal, chastising me I am sure for subjecting her to such torture, she did not seem to be holding a grudge like the last time. She was very hungry and wolfed down a bit of food and drank some. Then christened her newly cleaned litter pan with a sizable solid contribution, complained alot and finally let me brush her and relaxed a bit. In the end she did go to take a nap under the dresser.

Hopefully she will remain in a fairly good mood.

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